Sagarika Ghatke Antiageing Skincare Tips For Women In Late 30S

Sagarika ghatke antiageing skincare tips for women in late 30s by aanchal valecha 20240301t1753490530 englishjagrancom

Sagarika ghatke antiageing skincare here are some valuable insights into sagarika ghatges antiageing secrets

Hydration is key sagarika emphasizes the significance of staying wellhydrated drinking an ample amount of water helps keep the skin hydrated from within contributing to a plump and youthful complexion

Sunscreen is a must the actress advocates for the regular use of sunscreen even on cloudy days protecting the skin from harmful uv rays is crucial in preventing premature aging and maintaining skin health

Quality sleep sagarika stresses the importance of quality sleep for overall wellbeing a good nights sleep aids in skin repair and regeneration contributing to a fresh and youthful appearance

Balanced diet a wellbalanced diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin sagarika recommends incorporating antioxidantrich foods fruits and vegetables into daily meals to nourish the skin from the inside

Gentle cleansing sagarika ghatge suggests using a mild and hydrating cleanser to remove impurities without stripping the skin of its natural oils this gentle approach ensures a clean canvas for other skincare products

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