Diljit Dosanjh Fitness Routine And Diet Plan For Fit Body

Diljit dosanjh fitness routine and diet plan for fit body by shailvee tiwari 20240301t1425020530 englishjagrancom

Diljit dosanjh fitness routine lets explore the secret behind diljit dosanjhs fitness routine and diet plan which help him maintain a fit and good body shape

Yoga enthusiast diljit makes sure to practice yoga every morning to improve the flexibility of the body and it also helps him in maintaining mental stability

Focuses on back the singer and the phenomenal actor diljit particularly focus on his back he usually goes for 34 sessions focusing on his back

Cardiovascular exercise diljit swears by cardio exercises such as running cycling and swimming he also practices strength and weight training exercises

Chest exercises apart from all the exercises he goes for different routines and exercises which target his arms and chest

6 days a week the punjabi singing sensation hits the gym 6 days a week during his gym sessions he works on core and upper body areas

Healthy hydration diljit prefers staying hydrated by indulging in nutritious fluids like coconut water and freshly squeezed fruit juices