8 Must

There are 8 mustwatch kdramas based on crime

This drama combines crime mystery and a touch of scifi as detectives from the past and present communicate through a mysterious walkietalkie to solve cold cases

Voice follows a team of emergency call center workers who help the police solve crimes by using voice recordings from crime scenes

A detective in pursuit of a serial killer is transported from the 1980s to the present day through a time portal

A detective who assembles a team of criminals each with their unique skills to solve challenging cases is featured in this series

He has been accused of murdering his family with no memory of the events

This drama is based on the american series and focuses on a team of profilers working for the national criminal investigation

The lead character in this drama is a tough female detective who tackles various crime cases while balancing her personal life

A cybercrime investigator and a hacker are trying to catch a cybercriminal who threatens national security