Social buzz: ‘NBK 110’ new poster portrays Balaiya in a regal yet royal look

Subhash Yadav
Subhash Yadav 2 Min Read

Hyderabad: Nandamuri Balakrishna, who is currently riding high on the success of his recent film ‘Bhaagavanth Kesari’, has got his fans excited with the new poster of his upcoming film ‘NBK 110’.

The poster, which was released on social media on Thursday, shows Balakrishna in a regal yet royal look. He is seen sitting on a throne, wearing a traditional attire and holding a sword in his hand. The poster also has the tagline ‘Battle of Breaths’, which has further piqued the curiosity of the fans.

The film is being directed by Anil Ravipudi, who is known for his comedy films. However, ‘NBK 110’ is said to be a high-octane action thriller. The film also stars Sreeleela as the female lead.

The poster of ‘NBK 110’ has gone viral on social media, with fans praising Balakrishna’s look and the overall vibe of the poster. Many fans are also speculating about the film’s plot and the meaning of the tagline ‘Battle of Breaths’.

The makers of ‘NBK 110‘ have not yet announced the film’s release date. However, it is expected to hit the screens in early 2024.

Fans react to the poster

Fans of Balakrishna have been taking to social media to express their excitement about the new poster. Many fans are praising Balakrishna’s look and the overall vibe of the poster. Here are some of the reactions from fans:

  • “Balakrishna looks amazing in the poster. I can’t wait to watch the film.”
  • “The poster is so intriguing. I’m really curious to know what the film is about.”
  • “NBK 110 is going to be a blockbuster.”
  • “I’m so excited for this film. Balakrishna is always amazing in action thrillers.”
  • “The poster is giving me goosebumps. I can’t wait to see Balakrishna in action again.”

It is clear that fans of Balakrishna are eagerly awaiting the release of ‘NBK 110’. The film is expected to be one of the biggest releases of 2024.

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