Shashi Tharoor: ‘No more serious issue in the country than Manipur. How can PM be silent?’

Subhash Yadav
Subhash Yadav 2 Min Read
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Congress leader Shashi Tharoor told a media site, “It is their (government’s) responsibility to run the House, they should reach out to the opposition and compromise with them to ensure that the House continues to function.”

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor says he is not personally a supporter of disrupting Parliament, but the opposition is resorting to it as he feels he has been “completely cornered, and There is no possibility of giving in, compromising or moving forward.”


Let us tell you, the Lok Sabha faced an unprecedented situation on Wednesday, when the Speaker remained absent from the House expressing his anguish over the impasse.

Tharoor: We are pained that the Speaker was hurt by the behavior of the MPs. Unfortunately, such things have been part of the accepted culture of our parliamentary democracy. It started with the BJP when the Congress was in power, when they regularly resorted to disruptions. Personally, I am not a supporter of disruption. But you have to understand why the opposition is behaving like this. There is a huge problem facing our country – Manipur where there have been a large number of deaths, 60,000 people have been displaced, houses and churches have been destroyed, even a minister’s house has been burnt down… in our country What could be a more serious issue than this? How can the Prime Minister remain silent? What the opposition is saying is this: Prime Minister should come and tell us what is happening. There are examples, including the 2002 address to the House by the then Prime Minister Vajpayee on the Gujarat riots. This is a reasonable demand.

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